Your Step-by-Step Roadmap and Build-It-Yourself Toolkit for Crafting an A+ Grant Proposal – Every Time!




STARTS OCT. 9, 2017




getting started ...

getting better ...

going deeper ...

In this all-in-one, on-your-own-schedule video-based course from GrantsMagic U, veteran grant writer, grant consultant, and grantmaker Maryn Boess pulls back the curtain on what it really takes to be successful in the grants world ...

... and shares 100s of tried-and-tested tools, strategies, how-to's and "insider's tips" to take you to your next level of grants success ... no matter where you're starting out!


You and your team can take this video-based, online, on-demand course when and where you want - on your own schedule, at your fingertips, any time

The entire 8-session, 16-hour course is just $197 for members of the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits ($297 for nonmembers) ...

Your enrollment comes with GrantsMagic U's 100% No-Risk Peace of Mind money-back guarantee ... making this a commitment you can feel 100% confident about!

Enroll up to 3 additional team members for free with one paid registration - that's 4 enrollments for the price of 1!



The virtual classroom opens on Oct. 9 with Session 1 ... with a new watch-anytime session released every Monday through Nov. 27.

  • 8 video sessions released weekly Oct. 9-Nov. 27 ... view on your own schedule
  • QUESTIONS? Email Maryn directly at

Liela Abass

Grant Writer

Zaman International - Hope for Humanity

Dearborn, MI

Read Liela's complete story here.

“Hands down, this is the BEST INVESTMENT I HAVE EVER MADE!”

Tell me something. Are you a person of passion ... committed to creating change in the world through your work in the nonprofit community?

Will you grab a fresh mug of coffee or tea and take time to watch the informational video at the top of this page?

It's kind of long. But if you're at all interested in upping your grantseeking game ... and if you're willing to believe it's possible to be more successful in winning grants for your good work ... then you'll definitely want to hear what I share about The Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint course.

And the time you spend will be invaluable in helping you make an informed and confident decision about whether The Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint is a good investment for you.

Here's a peek at what you'll find. 

(I'll be right here when you come back!)

You’ll see exactly how The Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint online course brings together all of my 20+ years of deep experience as a “3-D grant professional” (and, yes, a grantmaker) to share with you a powerful, behind-the-scenes framework for constructing a grant proposal that’s clear ... compelling ... and irresistible to grantmakers ... every time.

You’ll learn how one Friday-afternoon phone conversation with a Federal program officer blew the lid off everything I thought I knew about successful grantseeking ... radically transformed my own work ... and set me on course to share The Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint with you!

You’ll discover everything that comes packed into your Blueprint course – online videos, amazing handouts, nearly 100 step-by-step, fill-in-the-blanks templates, real-life samples, Q&A sessions, membership in an “Ask Anything” Facebook community ... and much more.

You’ll learn why The Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint isn’t your typical how-to-write-a-grant training – and what’s different about the Blueprint that you just won’t get anywhere else.

You’ll hear the inspiring true story of the mom-and-dad school volunteers who’d never written a grant before who, five days after learning what I teach in the Blueprint course, submitted a proposal for a Federal Drug-Free Schools grant of $110,000 ... and got it.

I’ll share how just one of the nearly 100 worksheets and templates you’ll get with the Blueprint has won grants of $3,000 ... $30,000 ... $144,000 ... and more -- just on the basis of answers to 10 key questions on a one-page worksheet.

And you’ll learn why – if The Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint is right for you – saying “yes” is a no-risk No-Brainer -- with three great bonuses, an exclusive Team Rebate, a huge discount for members of our partnering nonprofit associations – and my personal "100%, No-Risk, Peace of Mind Guarantee" that promises you every penny back if you don’t think The Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint lives up to its promise of being one of the best investments you’ve ever made.

  • 8 video sessions released weekly Oct. 9-Nov. 27 ... view on your own schedule
  • QUESTIONS? Email Maryn directly at

Barbara Gorzinski

Director of Program Development

Associated Ministries of Tacoma-Pierce County

Tacoma, WA

Read Barbara's complete story here.

“ … an engaging and fresh take on both the art and science of grant-writing …”

Your biggest takeaways from the course? 

Here are a few for starters:

  • You'll learn how to build a solid, fundable proposal from the inside out and the bottom up - every time.

  • You'll develop x-ray vision into the underlying anatomy of all grant proposals - so you'll never again wonder what a grantmaker is really asking for, or how to deliver it.

  • You'll work with a unique set of tried-and-tested planning tools, worksheets, roadmaps, checklists, and step-by-step, fill-in-the-blanks templates to make your proposals clear, concise, complete, coherent - and compelling.

  • You'll learn literally hundreds of invaluable "insider's tips" from grantmakers and successful grantseeking organizations that you can put to work right away - to give your proposals the winning edge.

  • And you'll learn how to organize the details of your work in a way guaranteed to take you to the next level of grantseeking success - no matter where you're starting out.

Here's what you get with The Blueprint to support your success ... inside the course and beyond:

  • First, you’ll get 8 weekly online, anytime, anywhere video training sessions of about 2 hours each, carefully sequenced to guide you step by step and section by section through what it takes to build an A+ grant proposal - every single time.
  • You’ll get a detailed week-by-week printable workbook and resource guide to follow along with as you watch the videos . . . and to keep at your desktop in the months ahead as an at-your-fingertips reference.

  • You’ll get nearly 100 planning guides, checklists and step-by-step, fill-in-the-blanks templates to help you capture, organize, and articulate your good thinking - in digital form - that you can save to your own computer and use again . . . and again . . . and again . . .

  • You’ll get lots of real-life samples of "what works" - what wins grants - that you can borrow, virtually word for word, for your own projects.

  • You’ll get three live group Q&A sessions with me, where you can get on-the-ground answers to all your questions about grants, grantseeking, grantmaking . . . you name it.

  • And you’ll get my ongoing personal support, via an "Ask Anything" Facebook community page, to help make sure you're on track for a successful experience inside the course - and beyond.

  • Plus other surprises, bonuses, and special gifts that I haven’t even thought of yet!

The Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint gives you a unique behind-the-scenes, "VIP" insider's perspective you just won't get anywhere else.

  • You’ll discover what life is really like for the reviewers, program officers, trustees, and grant decisionmakers – what they really, really want most of all in the whole wide world . . . and how to make sure you give it to them, every time.

  • You’ll go beyond “what the funders want” to learn exactly what makes reviewers absolutely fall in love with your proposal – within the first 30 seconds! (And what makes them “fall in dislike” just as quickly!)

  • We're going to explore a strategic system, a proven roadmap, and a build-it-yourself toolkit loaded with checklists, planning guides, and fill-in-the-blanks templates to guide you step by step through putting shape and structure and clarity to your good ideas.

  • You’ll learn key strategies for working ahead of the curve so you can literally get a proposal out the door in as little as 90 minutes.

  • You’ll learn the deep psychology of making a powerful, persuasive presentation – right down to the specific words to use and the specific formulas for putting them together.

  • You’ll learn simple steps for organizing your ideas in a way that makes it easy for the right funder to catch your vision, become invested, and say a confident and enthusiastic YES.

  • You’ll get dozens of bonus resources to enrich and deepen your grants work that you’ll turn to over and over again.

There's a lot to learn. You'll work hard. 

But it's important work ... mission-critical work.

It will completely transform the way

you and your team "do" grants.

You'll have guidance and encouragement

every step of the way.

And - I promise - we'll have a ton of fun doing it!

In other words, I know what goes on "behind the scenes" in the grantmaker's world ... because that's my world too.

And in this course I hand you a VIP pass, pull back the curtains, take you backstage - and show you everything!

The entire course is based on my 20-plus years of "3-D" experience in the grants world - as a grants planner, grant proposal writer, grants consultant, grants author, speaker, trainer ...

And - yes!

... 10 years of direct, hands-on experience as a grantmaker ...

... managing up to $2 million a year to fund as many as 26 projects at a time ...

... and being in conversation with my fellow grantmakers across the country about their work and how they do it.

Your complete 8-session course schedule: What to expect, and when

The 8-session course is divided into three parts. Each week you’ll get access to a new, 2-hour video-based training, plus detailed handouts and resource materials for you to download, print, and save to your computer. 

(And remember - because the course is pre-recorded and online, you - and your team! - can watch any released session any time, again and again - at your convenience.)

Part A. Starting Right Where You Are - Right Now 

(Session 1, released Oct. 9)

This first session is all about meeting you right where you are – wherever you’re starting out - and getting you ramped up and ready for the journey ahead.

  • We begin by “packing your travel bag” – getting you grounded in the powerful concepts and paradigms we’ll be exploring together – the very big big-picture thinking at the heart of The Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint.
  • Also in Session 1, you’ll get your first look at the framework we’ll be working with throughout the course. You’ll take a high flyover of our Blueprint territory and start exploring the key tools, processes, and ideas that’ll support you on your journey.  

Over these six sessions you’ll be taking a deep dive, one at a time, into each of the key sections of your Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint – each of the Essential Planning Questions. 

Building on the framework we laid out in Part A, you’ll work with checklists, planning tools, formulas, and fill-in-the-blanks templates that guide you step by step through exactly how to shape the details that bring your project to life and create a clear, compelling proposal.

Here’s what that looks like:

Session 2: What's the Problem? - Crafting a Statement of Issue, Need, or Opportunity that's Clear, Compelling - and Completely Irresistible. We begin by laying the foundation for our entire proposal with the statement of need or opportunity - what I call "the engine of the proposal." We'll meet Grumpy Grantmaker - and you'll learn three words that can quickly take you into the deepest, most compelling, most motivating heart of the issue - what really matters most.

Session 3: Impact Outcomes: Where Do We Want to End Up? or, Let's Visit Emerald City! What is the positive future vision we're inviting our grantmaking partners to step into with us? What does our finish line look like? Here we'll work with a fill-in-the-blanks model for making sure our outcomes statements are S-M-A-R-T-? (No, the acronym doesn't stand for what you're thinking. And yes, that question mark is intentional.) 


Session 4: Work Plan/Partnership: ... How Will We Get from Where We Are to Where We Want to Be? When it comes to building that bridge to our positive future, the key is making sure nothing gets left out. We'll work with tools that help you and your team frame out your work plan, step by step. You'll also learn why I call partnership "the greatest amplifier and accelerator of your grants success" ... and how to make it work for your community.

Session 5: The Essential Evaluation Toolkit: How Are We Doing . . . and Why Does It Matter, Anyway? I'm not supposed to have a favorite section ... and I love them all ... but still ... This is where we get to take a look at Logic Models in a whole new way as I show you how to build a rock-solid Logic Model to support your project planning, management and evaluation. (Who knows? You may come to love them as much as I do!)

Session 6: Building an Unbreakable Project Budget - Guaranteed! Here I’ll introduce you to the ground-breaking concept of “The Total-Value Budget.” We'll also do a complete, step-by-step walk-through of budget-building using one of the Blueprint's most powerful planning tools. I promise, you’ll never think of budgeting the same way again.

Session 7: The Summary – What’s This All About – Quickly? – and The Credibility Statement: Who Are We and Why Should Anyone Trust Us? In our final week of Part B we circle back to our last two proposal sections. We'll look at how to "muscle up" the summary for the hard work it needs to do. And we'll explore exactly what grantmakers want - and need - to see in your proposal's organizational background or credibility statement, and why.

Part B. Your Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint, Unpacked

(Sessions 2 through 7, released weekly Oct. 16-Nov. 20)

This final session covers how to transform your Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint into an A+ proposal that matches the requirements of any given funder. 

We’ll cover the elements of good writing; what to think about when making formatting decisions; how to “read” an RFP; things to think about when working with an online proposal submission; and much, much more.

Part C. Turning Your Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint ... into an A+ Proposal (Session 8, released Nov. 27)

  • 8 video sessions released weekly Oct. 9-Nov. 27 ... view on your own schedule
  • QUESTIONS? Email Maryn directly at

Wayne Pierce


Graphic Art Council/Portland Art Museum

Portland, OR

Read Wayne's complete story here.

“Maryn’s course is industrial strength, systematic in its approach and beautifully executed.”

Three built-in bonuses

to support your success!

Please believe me when I say this:

Your success matters to me . . .

because what you do matters to the world.

So although you're ultimately responsible for how much you gain from this course, and how effectively you apply it in your nonprofit work, I want to do everything I can to help you succeed - in the course and in the future. 

With that in mind - here are 3 special built-in bonuses - yours FREE, with your Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint enrollment - to support your success:

1.  Three live Q&A conference calls with me - exclusively for Blueprint students!

As part of your course, you're invited to take part in three live conference-call Q&A sessions with me, where you and your fellow students can get on-the-ground answers to all your questions about grants, grantseeking, grantmaking . . . you name it.

These sessions are exclusively for participants in the Blueprint course. We’ll hold our Q&A sessions on the Wednesdays after:

  • Our session on Impact Outcomes (Week 3)
  • The Proposal Budget (Week 6), and
  • After the conclusion of the course - to catch any remaining questions you might have about our work together.

2.  Lifetime membership in the GrantsMagic U  "Ask Anything" Facebook forum

Plus . . . You become a lifetime member of the GrantsMagic U Community Facebook Page . . . where you can ask me anything, anytime!

As a graduate of The Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint course you'll have lifetime access to an exclusive Facebook forum for the GrantsMagic U community - where you and your fellow grads can share your questions, challenges, successes and lessons learned with each other - and where I can check in and answer questions too - in a real-time, real-world framework.


Sign up for The Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint course and as a thank-you bonus, you’ll get free access to another great GrantsMagic U online class:

“Making Friends with Funders:

What Grantmakers Want Every Grantseeker 

to Know – Before Submitting the Proposal!” 

In this 90-minute video training we’ll pull back the curtain on the realities of life as a grantmaker – and what your proposal is really up against “on the other side.” You'll learn what grantmakers love, what makes them grumpy—and how you can be sure you're delivering what they really, really want most of all in the whole world, every time!

3.  Bonus training: 

"Making Friends with Funders"!

"Maryn, I don't know ... Is The Blueprint course right for me? You see, I'm ..."

"I'm a do-it-all executive director with a thousand things on my plate, trying to figure out how to fit grantwriting in ... I've been fairly successful so far but it's always a struggle. It's taking up a huge amount of my time ... and it doesn't seem to be getting any easier. I can't help wondering: Isn't there some way to cut through all the confusion and make sense of the process?"

(That sounds like Susan when she took the training! Click to see what she found out.)

The Do-It-All Executive Director ...

"I'm a devoted board member who volunteered to head up the grants role until we can afford to hire fundraising staff. I'm a savvy professional in my own career field but I've never done grantwriting before. And I'm wondering: Is there something that can give me a jumpstart on leading my team's grantseeking strategically and successfully?"

(Linda stepped up as a board member too. Here's what the training did for her.)

The Devoted Board Member ...

The Complete Newbie ...

"I'm a complete newbie to grantseeking. I've never done this before ... and yet here I am, with a great idea that I (or someone I work with) would love to turn into something real, valuable and tangible in the world ... into a great grant-funded project. I want to do well - and I'm wondering: Where do I even begin?"

(Liela came to the training as a total newbie. See why she calls it her best investment ever.)

"I'm a seasoned grants veteran, with a lot of success - so I don't need a 'Grantwriting 101'-type course. I've stopped counting the number of grants I've won. And I really appreciate the value of short-cuts, planning guides, and other people's good thinking. What I'm wondering is: What's new out there that might help me do what I already do well even better - that might give my proposals an even sharper, clearer, more powerful 'winning edge'?"

(Barbara just wanted a brush-up. Here's what she got instead.)

The Seasoned Grant Veteran ...

The Independent Grants Consultant ...

"I'm an independent grants consultant. I work for myself - which means I work for all my clients, all at the same time. They're super-busy and it's a challenge to get them to give me the basic information I need to write good grant proposals on their behalf. I'm wondering: What if there were a simple proposal framework I could lead them through to help them understand the whole process ... and get clear on the information we need to build a solid proposal?" 

(George wondered the same thing. See why he says he "struck gold" with the course.)

  • 8 video sessions released weekly Oct. 9-Nov. 27 ... view on your own schedule
  • QUESTIONS? Email Maryn directly at

Darshan Dawson

Volunteer Marketing Manager

Hoofbeats with Heart

San Tan Valley, AZ

Read Darshan's complete story here.

“ … absolutely packed with great information, insights and laser-like tactics that can be implemented immediately …”

Is The Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint right for you? In a word: Yes - if ...

  • IF you care about creating meaningful change in the world through your nonprofit and community service ... 

  • IF you're serious about stepping up your grantseeking game ... 

  • IF you believe that healthy, sustainable, successful grantseeking doesn't have to be so hard ... and

  • IF you're ready to think differently about your place in the grants world and put your new way of thinking to work on behalf of the causes you care about.

You have good ideas ... ideas that can make a big difference in your community, in the world.

And you want to turn those ideas into great grant-funded programs.

That's the "magic" of healthy, sustainable, successful grantseeking. 

And that's exactly where The Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint comes in ... by giving you a meet-you-right-where-you-are, instantly actionable step-by-step roadmap - a blueprint - to help you capture, clarify, crystallize, and communicate your very best thinking about the change you want to create in the world, and how you envision doing it.

How quickly could your investment pay off?

(Would 5 days be fast enough?)

You know, how we choose to invest our time is a decision we each have to make for ourselves, every single day.  It’s a matter of priorities – of balancing what’s urgent and what’s important. 

Trust me, I’ve invested years of hard-knocks learning, and many hundreds of hours of developing, field testing and refining The Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint curriculum for you because I know it’s a smart investment of YOUR precious time – if you care about more successful grantseeking.

You don’t have to invest the years it took me to learn what I teach in the Blueprint. You can let me “ramp you up” – quickly, and with a lot less stress, and a lot faster success – by sharing with you only what I know works – what you can put to work for your organization right now – and see success with right away.

Here's one of my very favorite stories about how quickly "magic" can happen when the right idea meets the right training, at just the right time:

A few years ago Jeannie and Trey, a married couple from a rural community in Arizona, came to one of my live two-day grants workshops hoping to get some tips for helping their children’s school. 

They were so fired up by what they learned that they stayed over for the weekend, shut themselves away in the hotel room, wrote a proposal for a Federal grant, got their school superintendent’s approval to submit it, sent it off that Wednesday . . . and won a Federal Drug-Free Schools grant of $110,000.

They had never written a grant before.

And until our workshop, they didn’t even know they'd be writing this one.  

Since then, Jeannie and Trey have gone on to win hundreds of thousands more in grant awards for their children's school district.

Five days from novice to completed proposal - and a $110,000 award. Not a bad return on an investment of 16 training hours!

Two special offers that can bring your total investment down to as little as $167 - for four enrollments!

GrantsMagic U and our partners are proud to make The Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint - the entire course, along with everything we've just reviewed here - available to you right now for an investment of just $297

Irresistible? I hope so! 

But let's sweeten things up a little with two special offers that can save you up to $130 more - bringing your total investment down to as little as $167:

Save $100 right away with your Alliance of
Arizona Nonprofits membership!

The Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits – the sector-wide voice for all nonprofits across the state - has chosen to partner with GrantsMagic U in launching The Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint.

And here’s the deal:

By special arrangement, if your nonprofit is already a member of Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits, your membership automatically qualifies you to save $100 on your registration. 

That means that, as a member you pay just $197 – that’s $100, off the top, just for being an Alliance member.

This super-special price is available only to Alliance member nonprofits. You'll find all the details when you click any of the orange "SHOW ME HOW TO SAVE $100!" buttons on this page  - including how your nonprofit can join if it isn't already a member.

Because hey! the $100 you save on your Blueprint registration alone covers membership for an entire year - and then some!

Enroll up to 3 additional team members at no charge - and get up to $30 back!

At GrantsMagic U, we love teamwork. We teach it, preach it, practice it.  And we think it should be celebrated and rewarded.

So to clinch the deal, here’s an offer you absolutely will not find anywhere else.

For the price of a single paid registration, you can enroll up to 3 team members - at no additional cost.  

Then after the program, just meet a few simple verification requirements, and GrantsMagic U will rebate $10 for each additional person who has viewed all 8 sessions with you – up to $30 total.

That’s right!
That’s 3 free enrollments for your team members - and up to $30 back, from your registration price. 

Not only does GrantsMagic U not charge you more for bringing a team together around the Blueprint training ... we pay you back!

  • 8 video sessions released weekly Oct. 9-Nov. 27 ... view on your own schedule
  • QUESTIONS? Email Maryn directly at

“ … a comprehensive course that gave me immediately-usable resources that improve every aspect of our fund raising effectiveness …”

Susan Lehr

Executive Director/Nonprofit Consultant

Washougal, WA

Read Susan's complete story here.

Your 100% No-Risk,

Peace of Mind Guarantee:

Still hesitating?

I understand. When you're working with a nonprofit budget, even a small investment can feel risky and maybe even a little scary - no matter the potential return.

I absolutely do not want anything to stand between you and the value I know The Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint course can deliver for you and your team. And that's exactly why your enrollment comes with my personal, 100% No-Risk, Peace of Mind Guarantee.

It's super simple - and it works like this:

Watch all 8 videos – take the entire program – then put what you learn to the test for your cause, with your team, in your community, for at least 60 days.

If at any time after 60 days you decide the Blueprint isn’t worth what you paid for it, just email me at, tell me why, and give me a chance to make it right for you. If I can’t, I’ll personally refund every penny, right away.

You have my word on it.

Whew! ... 

How about a quick recap?

Here’s a summary of what you and your team get when you sign up for The Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint:

  • First, you get the full 8-session online course, including eight 2-hour video sessions that you and your team can view on your own schedule; all the handouts; and your session-by-session course workbook-slash-resource guide that you’ll turn to again and again in the months and years to come.

  • And you get lifetime access to all the course materials – any time, anywhere.

  • You get 3 live group Q&A calls with me – exclusively for Blueprint students – two during the course and one after the course wraps up.

  • You get lifetime membership in GrantsMagic U’s exclusive “Ask Anything” Facebook community, where you can share with your fellow grads and ask me – well – anything!

  • And you get a free bonus class, “Making Friends with Funders: What Grantmakers Want Every Grantseeker to Know – Before Submitting A Proposal!”

And here's your no-risk investment:

  • GrantsMagic U and our partners are proud to make The Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint - the entire course, along with everything we've just reviewed here - available to you right now for an investment of just $297.

  • Enroll as a member of the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits, and you’ll save another $100 – bringing your cost down to just $197 for everything.

  • Remember, you can enroll additional 3 team members at no additional cost - and you can get a team rebate of up to $30 back on your registration.

  • And most important, you get my personal 100%, No-Risk, Peace of Mind Guarantee that promises every penny back if you don’t think the Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint lives up to its promise as being one of the best investments you’ve ever made.

I learned more in 90 minutes with you than I've learned in two-day grant proposal writing seminars.

-- Jeri Kemmer, Program Developer, Strong Harvest International (Vancouver, WA)

"Your 'Blueprint' course is so good it made me want to cry ..."

I just came across your 'Grant Proposal Blueprint' (webinar session). It is so good it made me want to cry. Out of all the books and seminars and workshops I have attended, your Blueprint, in a mere 90 minutes, succinctly outlines what organizations need to do to be successful with foundations.

-- Diane Wiley, Independent Grant Writer (Long Beach, CA)

I have participated in your last two webinars and I just want to tell you how valuable each of them was to me. Supremely organized, clear and to the point. Thank you!

-- Sue Shattuc, Independent Grant/Proposal Writer (Portland, OR)

I was fortunate enough to participate in your first webinar session ('The Power of Mission-Centered Grantsmanship') last week. . . . I was so excited to see that you really stuck to your goal of providing information for veteran grant writers (as well as novices), allowing us to deepen our existing experience of grant writing. I feel like I have a whole new way of looking at the grant process already, after only one webinar!!

-- Betsy Castle, Executive Director, Council Circle Foundation (Boise, ID)

  • 8 video sessions released weekly Oct. 9-Nov. 27 ... view on your own schedule
  • QUESTIONS? Email Maryn directly at

A final reminder:

What you do matters to the world.

So that’s it, my friend. Are you ready to take this journey with me?

I sincerely hope your answer is yes.

I have been so very blessed to work with and serve so many remarkable, gifted, and caring people in the nonprofit world . . . and I would be deeply honored to serve you and be a member of your success team too. 

If you say yes, you can be sure I’ll be right there with you, every step of the way, with field-tested, expert guidance, examples, stories, encouragement and inspiration to keep you moving forward, with confidence.

You see, your success really does matter to me.


Because what you do matters to the world.

I believe that with all my heart. 

If you do too, then let’s do this – together.

Let the journey begin!


Email Maryn directly at

Over her 20+-year career in the nonprofit world, Maryn has been an on-staff program developer and grantwriter; a independent grants consultant (winning more than $42 million for her clients over 10 years); a grants project manager; a grants trainer; a grants reviewer, author, speaker, mentor and coach; and - for the past 10 years - even a grantmaker. 

This done-it-all background gives her the unique 3-D "insider's" perspective she brings to the practical and inspiring trainings on healthy, successful grantsmanship that she has been blessed to share with thousands of nonprofits of every size, nationally and internationally as well.

GrantsMagic U, launched in fall 2015, is the "virtual academy" she created to make her extensive portfolio of grantsmanship trainings available (and affordable!) for anyone, anytime, anywhere. 

GrantsMagic U is an Approved Continuing Education Provider for both the Grant Professionals Certification (GPC) and Certified Fund-Raising Executive (CFRE) credentials.

Since 2006 Maryn has also been “in the grantmaker’s chair,” managing up to $2 million annually in grantmaking for K-12 education in the Southwest. 

She considers herself a dual citizen in the grants world, and may be the only person currently holding membership in both GPA (Grant Professionals Association, for grantseekers) and GEO (Grantmakers for Effective Organizations, for grantmakers).

  1. You’re sweating through another board meeting where your (really, truly awesome and well-meaning) board members are throwing their great ideas for new projects around like armed missiles, shooting each other down, never focusing on any one idea . . . and then expecting you to make sense of it all and “just go out and get us a grant for that.”

  2. You feel helpless and at a complete loss for what to do when a grantmaker’s guidelines consist only of the single sentence:  “In two pages, tell us whatever you think we should know about your request.” 

  3. Here you are – again! -- pulling your third all-nighter in a row trying to crank out a full proposal, from absolute zero to out-the-door, against a ridiculously tight deadline. And worst of all, after all this mad scramble to get it done and get it gone . . . you have the sinking feeling the proposal might not be as good as it could be – or should be.

  4. Budgeting isn’t your strong suit in the best of circumstances. And the form Funder B gives for the proposal budget doesn’t make any sense. It doesn’t look anything like the budget form you struggled through just last week for Funder A. You’re confused and frustrated. And you’re afraid you’re making mistakes, overlooking something, or – worse – leaving something out.

  5. About that Funder A/Funder B thing . . . Does every single grantmaker really have to have their own quirky, murky proposal guidelines and requirements? Don’t they have any idea how hard they’re making it for us when we have to start from scratch each and every time we sit down to work on a proposal for a different grantmaker?

  6. What the #$%@& is a logic model anyway? What good are they? And how the heck are you supposed to know how to put a logic model together for Funder A, Funder B and Funder XYZ when they never use the same language and you’re almost tearing your hair out trying to figure out the difference between “outcomes,” “objectives,” “purpose” and “goals”?

Good news: We cover all of these grants dilemmas - and hundreds more! - inside The Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint.

Cheers, my friend -

Grants war stories ...

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Here are the highlights of just a few. How many ring true for you?

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